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Sam's Club, TSF Shopping Center to boost Jiading's commercial landscape

( ) 2023-12-21

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Sam's Club will open this month in Jiading district, Shanghai. [Photo/WeChat ID: sh-jiading]

Jiading district's commercial area is expected to receive a boost with the upcoming openings of Sam's Club and TSF Shopping Center.

Sam's Club, with its premium membership and global product range, will become a landmark of Jiading's commercial sector. The TSF Shopping Center, located in Jiading New City, also brings modernity and excitement to the area.

Jiading has diversified its business formats and met evolving consumer demands. With retail sales growth and the emergence of commercial complexes like Robinson Shopping Plaza and CITIC Pacific Wanda Plaza, the district offers a wide array of shopping and entertainment options.

The opening of Sam's Club and the TSF Shopping Center will enrich Jiading's consumer platforms and elevate the district's appeal. These establishments bring trendy fashion, family entertainment, and diverse dining experiences, and cater to residents' needs.

Sam's Club and the TSF Shopping Center provide residents with more choices and enhance the shopping experience. Jiading continues to attract well-known brands and create a vibrant commercial environment. It has become a thriving commercial hub through consumer format upgrades.



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