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Jiading's local strawberries to bring juicy delights

( ) 2023-12-15


Local strawberries in Shanghai's Jiading are plump and luscious. [Photo/]

The local strawberry season in Shanghai's Jiading district is in full swing, with ripe and delicious strawberries now available.

The Lucky Strawberry Garden in Changjing village and the Panpan Strawberry Garden in Waigang town are now showcasing their bountiful harvest.

At the Lucky Strawberry Garden, the vibrant red strawberries are plump and luscious, exuding a delightful sweetness with every bite. This year, there is a new variety called "Black Pearl," known for its deep red color, soft and succulent flesh, and intense flavor. The farm expects the Black Pearl strawberries to be available for sale by January next year.

In the Panpan Strawberry Garden, the strawberries are thriving under optimal weather conditions. The strawberries have benefited from ample sunlight and careful cultivation practices, including bee pollination and the use of organic fertilizers. With the first batch of strawberries already on the market, prices are currently ranging from 30 to 40 yuan ($4.22 to 5.63) per kilogram, and the farm anticipates a significant increase in supply by mid-December.

Strawberry enthusiasts can visit the Lucky Strawberry Garden at 1900 Moyu North Road in Waigang town (near the Green Energy Gas Station) or the Panpan Strawberry Garden at the intersection of Hengxie Road and Qianyang Road in Waigang town. The Lucky Strawberry Garden can be reached at 13661496973, while the Panpan Strawberry Garden can be reached at 18501771095.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to savor these delectable strawberries!



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