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Shanghai MedValley opens in Jiading to boost biomedical industry

( ) 2023-10-17


Government officials celebrate the opening of Shanghai MedValley, which marks a significant step forward in the development of the biomedical industry in Shanghai. [Photo/]

The second China High-end Medical Industry Cluster Innovation and Cooperation Forum was held in Malu town, Jiading district, Shanghai, on Oct 13, marking the opening of Shanghai MedValley and the inauguration of the Jiading Ruijin Innovation Center.

Local government officials emphasized the importance of the biomedical industry and called for collaboration across industry, academia, and research at the event. They highlighted the need for a benchmark for multi-center clinical trials, the development of an international clinical service contract research organization, and the utilization of Shanghai's clinical resources to drive industrial growth.

Their focus was on helping Jiading's projects create a prominent hub for the city's high-end medical device industry, integrating efforts in the biomedical sector, and establishing a strong industrial cluster for advanced medical equipment and precision medicine.

Confidence was also expressed in the capacity of the Ruijin Innovation Center, which is supported by Ruijin Hospital, to nurture and attract leading biomedical device enterprises while advancing the high-quality development of Jiading's medical industry.

The Shanghai MedValley, located in Jiading New City, will be built into a comprehensive industrial park that integrates research and development (R&D) platforms, headquarters businesses, and production facilities and serves as a hub for high-end medical device companies, supporting the growth of the local biomedical industry.

The park will consist of a core functional area comprising Ruijin Hospital National Medical Center and Shanghai MedValley Industrial Park, and a MedValley Innovation Island, housing a business headquarters park, college inspection area, manufacturing areas, and research institutes.

The Jiading Ruijin Innovation Center located in the park is backed by Shanghai's renowned Ruijin Hospital. The center has seven research institutes and joint laboratories and is expecting the arrival of various enterprises. It will house a biochip platform, R&D platforms for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, orthopedic, oncology, and geriatrics, and a clinical research and transformation center. These facilities are expected to promote innovation in the biomedical sector.

Agreements for several projects to be established in the park, such as the Shanghai MedValley Industry-Medical Integration Innovation Industrial Base, Ruijin Hospital Medical Robot Research Institute, and Ruijin Hospital Medical Chip Research Institute, were also signed during the event.


Shanghai MedValley is located in the core area of Jiading New City, Jiading district, Shanghai. [Photo/]


The Ruijin Minimally Invasive Surgery Medical Robot Training Center. [Photo/]



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