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​Chunshen Middle School in Shanghai's Jiading to open

( ) 2023-08-31


Chunshen Middle School in Shanghai's Jiading district. [Photo/]

A new school will open this September in Huangdu large-scale residential area in Anting town, Jiading district, Shanghai. The main building and various safety and electricity projects at Chunshen Middle School have recently completed construction, and the school is now ready to welcome its first batch of students.

Chunshen Middle School covers an area of approximately 22,800 square meters, with a green area of 8,086.1 sq m, and is located west of Zhaota Road, east of Songyang Road, north of Chunta Road, and south of Chungui Road. The school is designed as a four-year junior high school with a capacity of 1,080 students across 24 classrooms. This year, 241 students have already enrolled in the first six classes.

The school building itself has an attractive design, with imitation red brick finishes and white and green decorative lines. The multi-story structure is connected by corridors, creating a beautiful courtyard.

Inside the school, there are 24 standard classrooms, an indoor gymnasium, a small theater, an underground parking garage, and over 20 special classrooms including multipurpose studios, digital libraries, music classrooms, dance rooms, and psychological centers. The interior design is simple, with white and gray as the main colors, creating a bright and comfortable learning environment. Additionally, the roof has some greenery, providing thermal insulation and improving air quality.

Sheng Weiqing, general affairs director of Chunshen Middle School, has assured parents and students that the school's indoor air quality has been tested by a third party and meets required standards.

With the completion of Chunshen Middle School, residents of Huangdu can look forward to a high-quality educational institution in their community.


A classroom at Chunshen Middle School. [Photo/]


A corner of Chunshen Middle School's library. [Photo/]



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