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Jiading New City University for the Elderly

( ) 2023-08-31


Jiading New City University for the Elderly. [Photo/]

Jiading New City University for the Elderly is a new educational institution in Jiading district, Shanghai. The school aims to promote digitalization and provide smart learning environments for older individuals.

Upon entering the university, visitors are greeted by a welcoming front desk. The corridor leads to nine different classrooms, each designed to be multi-purpose and versatile.

For example, the dance classroom has a piano and mirrors, allowing for fitness, yoga, and other activities. The calligraphy and painting classroom has a traditional atmosphere and can be used for Chinese culture etiquette lessons. 

The smart classroom is technologically advanced for broadcasting, photography, and popular science teaching. The remaining ordinary classrooms can be used for various purposes, such as chess and cards, gardening, foreign languages, and crafts.


The dance classroom. [Photo/]

To keep up with the digital era, Jiading New City University for the Elderly offers a "Smart Learning Day" course that covers brilliant living skills and digital reading. Additionally, they offer LEGO Creative Building classes to engage students in hands-on activities.

The university's living room is outfitted with cutting-edge technology, such as VR equipment, that can greatly enhance students' learning experiences.

Furthermore, the university has partnered with nearby elderly activity and medical centers to provide a range of convenient and varied services to older individuals.

In September, Jiading New City University for the Elderly is scheduled to open and provide various educational courses. These courses include smart living, Chinese dance, vocal music, tai chi, and photography. For registration details, interested individuals can contact the consultation numbers 60765519 and 60765520 (working hours: 9:00-11:00 and 13:30-16:00).


The calligraphy and painting classroom. [Photo/]



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