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10th Shanghai Lotus and Water Lily Exhibition spotlights Guyi Garden

( ) 2023-07-20


A bee gathers nectar from a lotus flower in the Guyi Garden. [Photo/]

Guyi Garden in Shanghai's Jiading district, the main venue for the 10th Shanghai and Water Lily Exhibition, is enchanting visitors with a stunning display of over 500 species of lotus flowers and 250 varieties of tropical and cold-resistant water lilies that are now in full bloom.

One of the exhibition's highlights is the display of bowl lotus and miniature water lilies in the garden. Some of them are newly introduced varieties that are making their debut in China.

The garden also allows visitors to get close to the lotus flowers at the "Lotus Flower in the Depths" area by designing winding wooden walkways and bamboo pavilions in the pond. This area showcases six award-winning varieties from the 36th National Lotus Exhibition, all making their debut in Shanghai.

Visitors are advised to visit in the morning to see the blooming flowers, as many close in the afternoon.


Water lilies are seen in the Guyi Garden. [Photo/]



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