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Earliest varieties of Malu grapes to hit the market

( ) 2023-05-31

The five earliest varieties of Malu grapes have ripened at the Malu Grape Theme Park in Shanghai's Jiading district and will begin entering the market on June 1.

The Malu Grape Theme Park is an experimental garden for agriculture-based tourism in China.

Its grape-picking activity for the public will also be launched on the day.

"The sweetness of early varieties must exceed a threshold of 16 degrees or higher in order to be deemed marketable, and remarkably, this particular grape has been measured at an impressive 20 degrees," said Shan Wenlong during an authoritative figure overseeing operation within the park as he conducted a careful assessment of the grape's saccharine content.

Ever since its inception in 1981, the beautiful town of Malu, nestled within the Jiading district, has been dedicated to the cultivation of grapes. Owing to their immense popularity and unparalleled excellence, the grapes harvested in Malu have garnered significant recognition and safeguarding. In fact, these exceptional grapes from Malu have been granted the esteemed distinction of a geographical designation, meticulously bestowed upon them by the esteemed State Administration for Industry and Commerce back in the auspicious year of 2014.

Malu grapes won the gold prize in the Shanghai Best Grape Competition in 2001 and passed Shanghai's highest farm product certification in 2002. The town was also dubbed "China's Land of Grapes" by the Ministry of Agriculture in 1999.

 640 (2).jpg

The 3-13 variety of Malu grapes. [Photo/WeChat ID: sh-jiading]

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The Xile variety of Malu grapes. [Photo/WeChat ID: sh-jiading]



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