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Lu Yanshao Art Academy

( ) 2013-07-05

The Lu Yanshao Art Academy is located in Jiading, a historical and cultural town in Shanghai. It is the only art museum in the district.

Construction was completed in October 1991, and the academy opened to the public in June 1999. It underwent an expansion in September 2004.

The academy covers an area of 0.43 hectares. It features two exhibition buildings and an administrative office building with a total construction area of 2,319 square meters.

The exhibition halls cover 1,206 square meters. The eastern exhibition building has two stories. The first floor, covering 460 square meters, is the hall of general exhibitions, which holds various exhibitions such as Chinese paintings, oils and sculptures. The second floor, a 230-square-meter hall, displays the masterpieces of Lu Yanshao's calligraphy and painting works. The western building consists of a gallery, salon and training center, which are ideal places for exchange and communication in arts.

The Lu Yanshao Art Academy is an elegant courtyard in the traditional Chinese style. There are various flowers, plants, rocks, zigzagging corridors and bridges, resembling a scroll of landscape painting for visitors.

Open: 9 am - 4:30 pm (except Monday)

Tel: +86 21 5952 9530-105 (office)

+86 21 5952 7465 / 5952 9530-101 (inquiry)

Address: 358 Dongdajie Street, Jiading District



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