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Xinhua Bookstore

( ) 2013-07-05

Xinhua Bookstore

Convenient policies:

1. The bookstore has a hotline for supervision and a complaint notebook.

2. It handles the registration for missing books and phone orders. Reservation of books is accepted.

3. It accepts mail orders from offsite readers.

4. Items such as paper, pens, reading glasses, sewing kits and band-aids are available for readers.

5. Personalized door-to-door services are provided for special readers, such as the old, vulnerable, sick, disabled and pregnant.

Branches of Xinhua Bookstore:

Robinson Shopping Mall Branch

Address: 2/F, 138 Robinson Shopping Mall, Chengzhong Road

Tel: +86 21 5953 0186

Nanxiang Branch

Address: 26 Jiefang Street,

Tel: +86 21 5912 2228

Anting Branch

Address: 207 Changji Road

Tel: +86 21 5957 7441

Supervision hotline: +86 21 6323 2703



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