• International auto exhibition concludes in Hohhot


    The 10th Hohhot International Auto Exhibition was held at the Inner Mongolia International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 15 to 19, attracting over 170,000 visitors.

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  • Ar Horqin Grassland turns summer green


    As temperatures rise and rainfalls increase gradually, the grasslands in Inner Mongolia have embraced the full-green season.

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  • In truck with the world


    Beiben Trucks Group Co Ltd, based in Inner Mongolia, reported orders for 466 heavy trucks worth 158 million yuan ($24.77 million) from overseas markets in the first quarter of this year, up 8.4 percent year-on-year.

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    Winter Nadam kicks off in North China


    A winter Nadam as well as a fire sacrifice festival kicked off on Tuesday in Old Barag Banner (county) of Hulunbuir, a city of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

  • FOOD

    Braised camel hoof


    Camel hooves are a special kind of delicacy in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and just as famous as China's legendary bear paws.


    Shangri-la Hotels


    Star Ratings: ★★★★★

    Location: Hohhot, Baotou, Manzhouli


    River valley produces wetlands wonder


    As I travel in the most northeast area of Hulunbuir, I manage to squeeze in half a day to explore the mesmerizing Ergun Wetland.




    ​Cities in Inner Mongolia such as Hohhot, Baotou, Ordos, Hulunbuir, Wulanchabu have main railway stations.

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