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Inner Mongolia launches 347 investment projects

2022-03-22 (chinadaily.com.cn)

North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region recently launched 347 key economic projects in search of global cooperation.

The projects received a total of 504.3 billion yuan ($75.66 billion) in investment and were revealed by the Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission.

Among the newly-launched projects are investment in the Hohhot Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the construction project of the Naiman Banner Grit Industrial Park, and efforts to attract investment for the Chifeng Hongshan High-tech Industrial Park Textile Industrial Park.

These projects have high investment potential, are expected to see high returns, and should serve as strong drivers of growth. They are in line with national industrial policy and Inner Mongolia's high-quality development requirements.

Inner Mongolia is currently exploring a new path toward high-quality development based on sustainability and protecting the environment.

It is building industrial clusters involving green agricultural and livestock product processing, new energy, new materials, the new chemical industry, modern industry, modern equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, digital economy, and the modern service industry.

The first batch of 12 key industrial chains is currently being developed, and a number of policies and measures have been introduced to support industries, attract investment, and optimize the business environment.