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New measures to boost Inner Mongolia market vitality

2022-02-25 (english.guiyang.gov.cn)

To increase the vitality of market players, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region recently launched 90 measures to improve its business environment, according to information from the Inner Mongolia Administration for Market Regulation on Feb 23.

The measures are meant to ensure that matters involving regulation and law enforcement by the market regulation department can be fully handled online, and outstanding problems in the field of market regulation can be completely solved.

Among them are 42 facilitation measures related to market entry, pre-runs and exits.

Inner Mongolia will explore the joint operation of food businesses, small catering, and small workshop licensing matters with business licenses.

It will add new features to the "Inner Mongolia e-registration" app including new services involving seal engraving, invoice application, social security registration, fund payments and deposit and bank account opening appointments.

It will also introduce 48 measures revolving around market regulation and law enforcement and intellectual property development and protection.

This will include implementing punitive damages for malicious infringements in serious circumstances; carrying out pilot projects for credit-based classification and regulation of intellectual property rights; and establishing a centralized platform for reporting and handling intellectual property rights complaints.