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Inner Mongolia launches agricultural, animal husbandry brand catalogue


North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region released its agricultural and animal husbandry brand catalogue at the eighth Inner Mongolia Green Agricultural and Livestock Products Expo in Hohhot, capital city of Inner Mongolia, on Oct 13.

The newly-released catalogue include 25 regional public brands, 120 corporate brands and 170 product brands.

According to the person in charge of the brand catalogue review, between the beginning of the year and the end of June, they had received application materials from 575 brands, and a total of 560 candidate brands entered the final review procedures.

The autonomous region's government will provide support to the brands included in the catalogue in policy formulation, project construction and planning guidance. It will also give priority to recommending these brands on their applications to enter the Chinese agricultural product brand catalogue.

On Oct 13, the Inner Mongolia agricultural and animal husbandry brand catalogue logo and management measures were also announced and took effect immediately.

The measures declare that the brand catalogue will implement dynamic management and brands included in the catalogue should consciously accept supervision. 

Those brands that violate relevant laws and regulations or that have poor operation performances will be retired, and the removed brands may not apply again within three years.

Those new eligible brands will be included in the catalogue.

It is an important move for Inner Mongolia to further cultivate and promote a number of advantageous regional public brands, corporate brands and product brands, and continuously improve the influence, competitiveness and visibility of the autonomous region's agricultural and animal husbandry industries.