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Inner Mongolia launches systematic scientific research support measures


North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region recently launched Several Policies and Measures for Accelerating the Promotion of “Science and Technology to Develop Inner Mongolia" to Support Scientific and Technological Innovation, which officially took effect on Oct 12.

It is a major decision-making deployment for Inner Mongolia designed to implement an innovation-driven development strategy. 

The main task is to integrate scientific and technological innovation resources both inside and outside the autonomous region, and promote the deep integration of innovation chains, industrial chains, talent chains, policy chains and capital chains, to create a sound innovation environment.

Officials at a press conference for the document held on Oct 16 said that, with 96 measures, it is the most systematic, most targeted and most innovative policy document issued by the autonomous region in the field of science and technology.

They stressed that the Inner Mongolian government will promote technological innovation in key areas and support major basic research and original innovation, as well as guide enterprises to increase investment in R&D and cultivate technology-based enterprises.

It will also optimize the layout of innovation platforms, support the construction of innovation platforms, and strengthen the construction of innovation carriers; build a platform system for the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements; strengthen the construction of technology transfer institutions, and improve government procurement policies for innovative products.

Other supporting measures include establishing win-win cooperation mechanisms, strengthening international innovation exchanges and cooperation, and expanding the opening-up of science and technology projects.  

Introduction and cultivation of high-level talents at home and abroad, deepening the reform of scientific research systems and mechanisms, and strengthening scientific research supervision and assessment will also be included.

Implementation of the measures is expected to stimulate the vitality of the autonomous region by giving universities, scientific research institutes and scientific research personnel greater autonomy, strengthening the training and incentive mechanisms for talents, and improving scientific research mechanisms.