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Inner Mongolia allocates $58.60m to support dairy industry revitalization


Responding to the central government's call to revitalize the dairy industry, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region has allocated 400 million yuan ($58.60 million) to support bovine breeding programs and dairy products this year, according to Deputy Director Liu Yongzhi of the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Liu made the comments at a press conference on Sept 1 and added that Inner Mongolia provides full coverage subsidies for high-quality roughage for dairy animals and continues to increase the supply of high-quality forage.

The government of Inner Mongolia provides a subsidy of 50 yuan per metric ton for the collection and storage of silage corn, alfalfa hay and oats on dairy farms.

Meanwhile, Inner Mongolia supports the construction of dairy animal bases and continues to increase output benefits.

The government will provide subsidies and rewards for breeding companies that complete the annual task of cultivating internationally and domestically famous bulls, with an average contribution of 10 million yuan for each company.

The autonomous region will also import 20,000 fine-bred dairy cows, with a 5,000 yuan subsidy for each cow.

Inner Mongolia will provide a subsidy of 600,000 yuan for each dairy farm to support the development of breeding facilities, forage production and processing, the utilization of manure resources and small and medium-sized dairy processing plants.

China’s northernmost autonomous region also supports the upgrading of national dairy food workshops, with an average subsidy of 500,000 yuan for each workshop. These subsidies will support the standardization of production facilities, processing and production, cold chain transportation and sanitation management.