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Ereenhot sets up channel for agricultural products



An inspector checks out exported products at the green channel for agricultural and associated products in Ereenhot land port, Xiliin Gol League, a city of North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region on March 26. [Photo/VCG]

Ereenhot -- the largest land port between China and Mongolia -- reached its peak period of fruit and vegetable exports in late March, with average daily exports of over 300 tons, according to a report in the local media.

Officials said that in order to streamline the export process, a new initiative has been introduced.

In a bid to ensure the freshness of the exported fruits and vegetables, Ereenhot General Station of Exit and Entry Frontier Inspection joined forces with units of the port to set up special green channels for agricultural and associated products.

New measures have been adopted, such as priority checking and clearance, to ensure the rapid customs clearance of agricultural imports and exports.

Officials said the measures are effectively reducing costs for companies and boosting the competitiveness of China’s agricultural products in the international market.

As the largest land port between China and Mongolia, with the continuous development of Sino-Mongolian and Sino-Russian international trade, Ereenhot has in recent years actively expanded into the Russian market while consolidating its links with the Mongolian agricultural market. As a result, these days significant amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables are exported through the port to both countries.


On the move: a cargo truck passes through Ereenhot port on March 26. [Photo/VCG]