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Huolin Gol hosts half marathon

2018-07-09 By Li Haoran

The 2018 Huolin Gol (Huuliin Gol) International Half Marathon kicked off at a square near Huolin Gol’s city hall on July 8.

Co-hosted by the Chinese Athletics Association, the Sports Bureau of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region and the People’s Government of Huolin Gol Municipality, the event integrates sports with tourism, culture, arts and public benefit. 

Along the track there are representative local attractions such as People’s Square, Friendship Road, and Yuanyuan Street. Participants can not only run the marathon, but also appreciate its splendid views.

The event, subdivided into a half marathon (21 km), a fit marathon (10 km), and a mini-marathon (3 km), attracted more than 10,000 runners from different countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Pakistan. 

“I’d honestly never heard of this city before,” said Jakub Sevcovic, a runner from the Czech Republic, “and haven’t got much chance to explore, but people here are very friendly and I have had some delicious local food. I will surely come back to Inner Mongolia one day.”


Zhang Hongfu, Party secretary of Holingola, and Xuan Dongsheng, deputy Party secretary, deputy mayor and acting mayor of Holingola and other leading group members attend the opening ceremony. They also triggered the event’s starting shot. [Photo by Chen Lu/chinadaily.com.cn] 


Sammy Kiprono Kurui, from Kenya, wins the male half marathon with a time of one hour and seven minutes. [Photo by Chen Lu/chinadaily.com.cn]

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