Lion dance performed in Baiyun to celebrate Lantern Festival

Updated : February 28, 2024

Jianggao town in Guangzhou's Baiyun district held a ceremonious activity of dragon and lion-awakening dance to celebrate the Lantern Festival on the morning of Feb 24.

The event took place in the square in front of Jiang's Grand Ancestral Hall. Dancers collaborated to bring to life over 30 lion and seven golden dragon costumes, each showcasing distinct gestures and movements. Guided by the Big Head Buddha, a monk mask integral to the lion dance tradition, and specific dancers, the dragons and lions converged at the center to bestow blessings. The captivating performance drew a large crowd of villagers who gathered to enjoy the spectacle.


Lion dancers are putting on a lively performance. [photo/WeChat account: gz_baiyunfabu]

The festivities were further enhanced by the participation of dancers from neighboring villages. Among them were dancers from Quanxi and Shuili villages, who came to lend their support to the event. Together, a team composed of dancers from three distinct villages delivered a captivating performance, showcasing the deep bond of friendship shared among these communities.

The lions danced around the square, bestowing blessings upon the gathered crowd. People eagerly stepped forward to touch the heads and tails of the lions, a gesture believed to bring luck and prosperity. Alongside the dragon and lion-awakening dance, the event featured a series of captivating programs, including martial arts demonstrations and choruses, adding to the festive atmosphere of the occasion.

The lion dance in Jianggao town symbolizes the unity of its people and embodies the spirit of diligence and perseverance. Over recent years, the influence of Jianggao town's Lion Dance Culture has been steadily growing. More and more young individuals are engaging in this traditional art form, thereby contributing to the preservation and advancement of Jianggao town's Lion Dance Culture.

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