Guide to entering, exiting Baiyun station

Updated : January 26, 2024

Comprehensive service center

Provides services such as ticket refunds and changes, as well as consultation, assistance, and reservation services for priority passengers.

Convenient transfer special passage:

Passengers can use the escalators and elevators on the north and south sides of the elevated waiting area to transfer without leaving and re-entering the station.

Exit guidance screens

These combine static station area guidance signs with dynamic passenger guidance information, displaying content based on daily passenger flow.

Petal-shaped lamp posts

There are a total of 24 lamp posts in the waiting area (12 each on the north and south sides), each equipped with two charging outlets, making it convenient for passengers to charge their phones.

Waiting area seats

With a main color scheme of deep sea blue and an ergonomic integrated design, the inclined angle of the seats provides greater comfort for passengers.

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