Guide to entering, exiting Baiyun station

Updated : January 26, 2024

The 2024 Spring Festival travel rush starts on Jan 26 and will end on March 5, lasting for 40 days. As a large comprehensive transportation hub in Asia, Guangzhou Baiyun Railway Station has 11 platforms and 24 tracks, with three above-ground levels and four underground levels, and is capable of accommodating foot traffic of over 10,000 people.

How to enter the station

Subway: Take Guangzhou Metro Line 8 to Shitan Station, then use the underground transfer passage to get to the west square of Baiyun station.

Drop-off by car (including taxi and Didi): Navigate to Entrance 1 to 4 to drop off passengers directly at the corresponding platforms.

Personal car: Navigate to the social parking lot on B1 level.

Bus: Take bus to the 3rd-floor bus station and walk to Entrance 1 on the north platform. Currently, 10 bus lines including 421, 426, 510, 523, 925 all provide direct access.

How to exit the station

Upon arrival at the station, passengers should follow the signage to the exit level on B1 and, after leaving the exit hall, can transfer to the subway, bus, ride share, or taxi, as indicated.

Subway: After leaving the exit hall, proceed to the west square and then to the entrance of Shitan Station on Metro Line 8.

Bus: Follow the signage to the west square, turn right, and you will reach the main bus station.

Pick-Up by car: The parking lot is located on both sides of the exit hall. Passengers can follow the guidance to the taxi and public parking lot.

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