Yingquan Valley Resort Area

Updated : January 3, 2024

Located in the most open area of Toubei village of Baiyun district, Guangzhou, the Yingquan Valley Resort Area was built by the village and Xiangli Group. Focusing on homestay accommodation, the resort consists of a variety of businesses such as catering, shopping, amusement, and healthcare. 

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The Yingquan Valley Resort Area is surrounded by green vegetation. [Photo/the official WeChat account of Baiyun district]

The first phase of the resort started construction in March 2019, with 30 houses rented from dwellers in the fifth community of the village. Following recent building façade renovation and indoor decoration, the rooms are elegant and unique, and feature a forest and pastoral style and a great mountain view.

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Room decoration of the homestay accommodation in the resort features a natural style. [Photo/the official WeChat account of Baiyun district]

The restaurant in the resort has more than 260 seats and its decoration adopts a rustic style. It prepares dishes using mountain spring water and natural ingredients fresh from the farm, and offers the celebrated Taihe roasted meat and Shunde cuisine.

Other facilities including an agritainment area, a flower base, a koi pond and orchards are within a range of 500 meters.

In the second phase, the resort will include a large-scale tourism and healthcare zone, as well as a traditional Chinese medicine center, a nursing home and a performing arts center for senior citizens. Outdoor amusement rides for adults and children will be built on the lawn. The resort will also host a vegetable garden and a flower field. It is expected to open in September 2022.

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