Maofeng Mountain Scenic Spot

Updated : January 3, 2024

Located at the junction of Taihe town and Zhongluotan town of Baiyun district in the northeast of Guangzhou, Maofeng Mountain Scenic Spot is 20km away from downtown Guangzhou.

The highest peak of the mountain is 534.9 meters above sea level and the lowest is 22 meters above sea level. The city’s humid subtropical climate and overlapping mountain ranges endow the scenic area with a pleasant ecological environment.

The forest coverage of Maofeng Mountain is as high as 74.4 percent. Covered by lush vegetation, the area has good air quality featuring a high content of negative oxygen ions totaling more than 17,000 per cubic centimeters.

There are abundant forest resources and diversified plant species in the area. The mountain is home to 875 species of 569 genera in 179 families of vascular plants, among which, 217 species are cultivated. There are 125 species of vertebrates of 54 families in 21 orders from four classes in the mountain, including 15 species of animals under national-level protection.

Clear water flows all year round in Maofeng Mountain. The Helong Reservoir with a total area of 87.38 hectares, Causeway Bay Reservoir with a total area of 27.68 hectares and Shatian Reservoir with a total area of 35.82 hectares are like three shining pearls embedded in the central, eastern and southwestern parts of the scenic area.

The combination of natural resources forms a harmonious landscape with beautiful mountains, lush forests, clean water and pleasant scenery. In 2008, the area was named as one of the first national ecological civilization education bases by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, the Ministry of Education and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China.


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The core ecological area of Maofeng Mountain includes attractions like Maofeng Ancient Temple and Causeway Bay Scenic Area. Age-old paths, time-honored temples, tea gardens, maple gardens, cherry blossom, mirror-like ponds, islands and peaks jointly form the natural beauty of the scenic spot.

Address: No. 168 Maofeng Road, Baiyun district, Guangzhou, China

Zip code: 510545

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