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Event to offer experience like no other

China Daily | Updated:2024-06-18


The scene of dragon boat race. [Photo/China Daily]

GDToday, a subsidiary of Nanfang Media Group, will host a dragon boat culture promotion at Liede village in Tianhe district of Guangzhou, Guangdong province, on June 29, inviting both Chinese and foreign friends to delve into the essence of Guangdong's dragon boat culture.

The event will feature a racing experience, a cultural product fair and a culinary and cultural feast.

・ GDToday reporters will cover an international dragon boat invitational, recording how participating teams get up close and personal with the passion and challenge of dragon boat racing and their efforts and progress on the Pearl River, as well as their exciting and emotional moments.

・ A cultural and creative exhibition focusing on dragon boat trends will be held at Liede Ancestral Hall, showcasing an array of dragon boat culture-related exhibits such as art toys (collectible figurines), intangible cultural heritage crafts, and cultural and creative lifestyle products. It aims to infuse new connotations into art toys with dragon boat-based intellectual property, revitalize the traditional dragon boat industry with cultural vigor and expand the cultural industry landscape.

・ The event will invite foreign friends to have a get-together with Guangdong residents and participants from the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions to taste authentic Cantonese cuisine, tour local ancestral halls and savor dragon boat culture.

The event aims to immerse participants in the "fast and furious" of dragon boat racing, learning about the inheritance and innovative development of Chinese culture, and experiencing the charms of diverse cultures. It is also expected to strengthen the promotion of Guangdong's dragon boat culture, enhance cultural confidence and identity, encourage exchanges and mutual learning between different cultures, and better promote Chinese culture on the global stage, organizers said.

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