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Halandri's cultural project triumphs in Guangzhou Awards | Updated:2024-01-19

In December 2023, Guangzhou hosted the 6th Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation, drawing the attention of mayors from cities worldwide. 

During this period, Guangzhou Daily organized a special Citywalk event, inviting city leaders to engage in a thorough exploration of the streets and alleys, an initiative that aimed to provide them with a firsthand experience of the cultural charm of Guangzhou.

On the evening of Dec 7, 2023, the city of Halandri in Greece was honored with the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation for its cultural canal project. 

In the second episode of the series, Konstantinos Gerolymatos, the deputy mayor of Halandri, was invited to visit Yongqing Fang. There, he delved into Guangzhou's urban culture and vibrancy, showcasing the cultural exchange and cooperation between Guangzhou and international cities.

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