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Guangzhou's American school celebrates Dragon Year with cultural art exhibit | Updated:2024-01-19

The American International School of Guangzhou (AISG) hosted the "Dragon Year Red Packet Art Exhibition" opening ceremony in Zhujiang New Town on Jan 16. 

This exhibition gathered the creativity of teachers, students, and parents of various nationalities, showcasing their well-wishes for the Chinese New Year through the traditional cultural element of red packets.

The exhibition showcased various dragon zodiac images, creating a rich festive atmosphere. The school mentioned that the event is designed to deepen the understanding and learning of Chinese culture among international students.

Every year, the school organizes a New Year red packet art creation activity around Chinese traditional cultural elements such as the zodiac. This year's exhibition was vibrant, with 228 artistic works created by teachers, students, parents, and alumni from over 15 nationalities to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

The art exhibition demonstrated the profoundness of Chinese culture and served as a grand occasion for cultural exchange between China and the world. The works showcased the artists' creative vitality and reflected foreign friends' deep understanding and affection for the Chinese Lunar New Year, the zodiac, and art.

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