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Guangzhou hosts 2023 Intl Innovation Festival | Updated:2023-12-18

The highly-anticipated 2023 Guangzhou International Innovation Festival (GIIF) is set to open its doors from Dec 18 to 20 at the Guangzhou Library.

Themed "Open Integration, Leading with Intelligence," this year's festival is dedicated to fostering the deep integration of innovation and industrial chains, which will showcase Guangzhou's leading position and influence in the global field of technological innovation.

This edition of the festival will feature an array of activities, including the opening ceremony, various innovation forums, and roundtable discussions. During the event, significant lists such as the "2023 Guangzhou Unicorn Companies List" will be released.

The festival has specially designed four major sections: innovation exchange, release, sharing, and exhibition.

The five themed forums of this year's festival focus on hot topics like AI and new industrialization. They will also gather domestic and international experts, scholars, and industry leaders to share their cutting-edge insights.

Deng Changxiong, deputy director of the Guangzhou municipal committee's foreign affairs office, stated that the festival would continue to emphasize its international, professional, and high-end nature. It will invite numerous international guests to showcase Guangzhou's leading role in the global arena of technological innovation.

Since its inception in 2016, GIIF has become a vital platform for the deep integration of technology, talent, and capital. It contributes significantly to the high-quality development of Guangzhou's economy.

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