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China's immigration bureau introduces new foreign permanent resident ID card

GDToday | Updated:2023-11-10

According to the National Immigration Administration(NIA) of China, a new version of the Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card of the People's Republic of China will be officially issued and put into use from Dec 1st, 2023. After the launch of the new card, the current version is still valid within the expiration date. Holders can apply for a new ID card according to individual needs.





The new card sample

The Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card is a legal identity document issued by NIA for qualified foreigners whose permanent residence applications have been approved. It can be used alone as a personal identity document. The holders can use the card as a legal certificate in accommodation registration, paying for train, ship or airline tickets and other occasions that require personal identification, without showing their passports.

While maintaining the basic style of the current version, the new card adds five-starred elements, embodying the national logo, and optimizes the layout. The new card also applies more advanced anti-counterfeiting technology and upgrades the information storage and application management service access. After the new card is officially put into use, with upgraded technology and strengthened functions, holders can handle private affairs such as transportation, consumption and finance on the online service platform, which further facilitates their work, study and life in China.

According to the NIA, the launch of the new Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card is a specific measure to serve the country's high standard of opening up and improve information technology application in foreigners' management and services, which helps to improve the quality of immigration administration and services, provides better services for overseas talents working, researching and living in China, and implement the strategy of strengthening the nation through human resource development. NIA will work with relevant departments to accelerate matching with information systems and facilities in various industries, expand the application range, and enhance satisfying experience, so as to realize functional goals of the revised document.

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