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British blogger calls Huangpu's bio-island a blend of innovation, nature, culture


British blogger Stuart Wiggin, renowned for his million-strong following, recently visited Huangpu district to film a travel episode that focused on exploring Guangzhou International Bio Island.

Wiggin praised the bio island's high-quality construction and development. As a cornerstone of Guangzhou's biopharmaceutical industry, the island also shines as an oasis in the heart of the Pearl River area. The island's autonomous transport methods and other state-of-the-art facilities left a profound impression on Wiggin.

Today, Guangzhou International Bio Island has matured into the driving force behind Guangzhou's biopharmaceutical industry, attracting many Fortune 500 companies and industry leading enterprises.

Landmarks such as the Waterdrop Garden and the island's greenway reveal the significant history and role of water resource recycling in Huangpu. Shuimo Park has also emerged as one of the most popular social media check-in spots on the island, showcasing bamboo groves, a rockery, and quaint pavilions.

Wiggin's visit and effusive praise further underscore the allure of Huangpu and Guangzhou International Bio Island, displaying the district's unwavering commitment to innovation, ecology, and high-quality development.

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