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Guangzhou lights up the beauty of Pearl River

China Daily | Updated:2023-06-25


Lighting maintenance workers check the lighting equipment on the Pazhou Bridge in Guangzhou. [PHOTO BY SHI LEI/NANFANG DAILY]

The Pearl River night cruise ship in Guangzhou allows passengers to enjoy the night scenery along both sides of the river bank. Behind the dazzling night scenery, light repairmen are the guardians of the city's dazzling glow.

At present, there are 10 river crossing bridges along the Guangzhou section of the Pearl River from east to west. There are hundreds of lights on these bridges, and the task of light maintenance is particularly tough and Guangzhou has formed an urban landscape lighting pattern. In order to achieve precise management, Guangzhou has established a smart control platform for urban night-scene lighting. Currently, all lighting fixtures are uniformly controlled. If problems are detected during online monitoring, maintenance can be quickly organized.


A floor lighting maintenance worker dismantles the lighting equipment at an altitude of 120 meters. [PHOTO BY SHI LEI/NANFANG DAILY]

Light repairman Yang Maodi has been in the high-altitude work industry for many years. After making the necessary repairs to the lights he drops to the ground using his safety ropes. Yang said when he takes pictures of the night scenery of the Pearl River and tells his family that he repaired it, at that moment he feels very successful.


The lights on the Pazhou Bridge in Guangzhou are arranged on the cable side and the three-dimensional suspension bridge is difficult to maintain and has high risks. [PHOTO BY SHI LEI/NANFANG DAILY]


A lighting maintenance worker climbs over the fence. [PHOTO BY SHI LEI/NANFANG DAILY]


Floor lighting maintenance workers finish the floor work and check the black spots of the lighting at night. [PHOTO BY SHI LEI/NANFANG DAILY]


Wall lighting maintenance workers tie their ropes into a double knot to ensure that the equipment is fastened and reliable. [PHOTO BY SHI LEI/NANFANG DAILY]


A safety worker measures the wind speed on the Pearl River Bridge deck to ensure that colleagues on the cable work in a safe environment. [PHOTO BY SHI LEI/NANFANG DAILY]

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