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Guangzhou promotes language standardization | Updated:2023-05-08

The foreign affairs office of the Guangzhou municipal government (GFAO) recently announced its results for the "Guangzhou Legal Construction Innovation Project Selection."

Out of the 49 award-winning projects, the one led by GFAO, "The Development of an International Language Environment and the High-Level Internationalization of the Business Environment," received the third prize.

In recent years, GFAO has been focusing on the issue of non-standardized foreign language signage found in public places across Guangzhou. They have taken steps to address this issue by exploring the construction of a legal system that promotes international governance within the city. 

GFAO led the development of the Management Regulations for Public Foreign Language Signs in Guangzhou, which are currently under review for possible inclusion in the legislative plan for 2023. These measures are expected to further promote the internationalization of Guangzhou's governance process.

The launching Ceremony of  English Translations of Public Signs in Guangzhou Mini Programme..jpg

The launching Ceremony of the "English Translations of Public Signs in Guangzhou" Mini Program. [Photo provided to]

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