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Canton Fair Phase 2: Record attendance, new zones, import exhibition | Updated:2023-04-27

The second phase of the 133rd Canton Fair took place in Guangzhou from April 23 to 27, setting new records in terms of scale and attendance, with over 440,000 visitors. 

The fair featured 18 exhibition zones, focusing on consumer goods, gifts, and home decorations. The zones occupied 505,000 square meters and had set up over 24,000 booths for the nearly 12,000 participating companies.

For the first time, the fair introduced a maternity and infant zone, which attracted more than 400 exhibitors to showcase nearly 1,000 popular products, such as strollers, children's furniture, early childhood education supplies, and maternity and infant appliances. 

Moreover, the second phase of this year's Canton Fair also marked the debut of its import exhibition, with approximately 130 companies from 26 countries and regions participating. This further promoted the integration of imports and exports at the fair.

The second phase of the Canton Fair attracted more than 10,000 of businesspeople from over 220 countries and regions, generating ample business opportunities between suppliers and buyers. 

The 133rd Canton Fair..jpg

The 133rd Canton Fair. [Photo/WeChat account: GZWS411665430]


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