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Toyota Guangzhou receives recognition for its development | Updated:2023-04-04

Tatsuro Ueda, Toyota's chief executive officer in the China and Asian region, recently expressed his gratitude for winning the Guangdong Friendship Award.

He said that it was not just his honor, but it is also a tremendous symbol of recognition for Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) and their joint venture, Guangzhou Toyota Motor, including all staff, suppliers, and related companies. He also thanked all customers who purchased Toyota cars. 

Since taking office in 2018, Ueda has been instrumental in promoting the development of Guangzhou Toyota Motor, enabling it to become Toyota's largest business entity outside Japan.

During his tenure, the company overcame many challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic, by strengthening its early risk management system and establishing a comprehensive inventory system to enhance its anti-risk capabilities. 

As a company that has been rooted in Nansha for 18 years, Guangzhou Toyota Motor has leveraged the advantages of Guangzhou's superior automotive industry cluster and pushed the auto industry to become Nansha's first 1-trillion-yuan-level ($145-billion-level) industrial cluster. Ueda also shared his unique insights on developing Toyota's business in Guangdong, a place he finds impressive due to its vibrant and energetic people.

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