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​"Guangzhou in Expats' Eyes" Short Video Competition starts

GZFAO | Updated:2022-07-26

"Guangzhou in Expats' Eyes" Short Video Competition, organized by Foreign Affairs Office of Guangzhou Municipal Government, is calling for entries from expats in Guangzhou. Film the nice scenery, yummy food, splendid culture, diverse arts and colorful life of Guangzhou from your perspectives and submit your videos to us! A cash prize of up to 3,000 RMB or a sightseeing ticket to the 450-meters-high rooftop of Canton Tower is just around the corner!

Rules and Guidelines of "Guangzhou in Expats' Eyes" Short Video Competition


Guangzhou is the only trading port that has never been closed for more than 2,000 years in China.The old city attracts friends from all over the world with its open characteristics and constant new vitality. What is Guangzhou like in expats' eyes? Record and share with us your impressions of Guangzhou and the reasons that you love the city!

Submission Time

Before midnight 25th September, 2022 (Counting of "likes" ends at midnight on 30th September, 2022)

3.  Entry requirements

(1) This competition is open to expats in Guangzhou. Each entrant can submit up to two videos.   

(2) Entries submitted should be narrated in expats' perspectives and should feature Guangzhou, such as scenery, food, culture, arts and life, etc.

(3) Entries submitted should be 30 to 180 seconds in length, clear and stable in quality, and without obvious noise.

(4) Entries submitted can be in Mandarin, Cantonese or English.

(5) Entrants should ensure that they are the author of the works they send, and have independent, complete, clear, and indisputable copyrights over the overall and part in their works; they should also ensure that the works they submit do not infringe on the legitimate rights and interests, including copyright, portrait rights, rights to reputation and privacy, of third party.

(6) The Host has the right to disqualify any entrant who submits entries that may harm public order and social customs. "Entries that may harm public order and social customs" include but not limited to those involve conducts and behaviors that mislead the public or deemed deceptive and any other situation that violates laws, morality, public order or good social customs.  

(7) Entrants should provide name, nationality, contact information and title of submitted entries.

(8) NO entry fee is required.   

(9)The Host respects and reserves the right of authorship and has the right to reproduce, distribute, exhibit, project and disseminate to the public through information networks of the submitted works for non-profit purpose without any further remuneration.

(10) The Host reserves the right to final interpretation of the rules of the competition. By entering the competition, each entrant agrees with the rules mentioned above.

How to enter 

To enter the competition, please send video with your name, nationality, contact information and title of the video to Entries will be screened by organizers for eligibility before being released on WeChat account of GuangzhouForeignAffairs("广州外事", account: GZWS411665430) and Douyin account of VisitGuangzhou. Authors of eligible works will be notified by email.

Winning Awards

(1) Outstanding Awards (6 entries):

First place (1 entry) : 3000 RMByuan & Certificate;

Second place(2 entries) : 2000 RMB yuan & Certificate;

Third place (3 entries) : 1000 RMByuan & Certificate;

Please note that tax incurred on prize money mentioned above should be taken care of by winners.

(2) Honorable awards (20 entries): Sightseeing Ticket to 450-meters-high rooftop of Canton Tower & Certificate;

Selection Process

To ensure transparency, objectivity, fairness and equitableness, the selection process includes public voting and expert review. The public will play a part by voting upon each individual video while the selection committee comprised of host, organizer, supporter and experts on media and international relations will review the entries. The final results will be announced on WeChat account of GuangzhouForeignAffairs and Douyin account of VisitGuangzhou before October 30th.

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