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Guide for foreigners in Guangzhou: Funeral and interment

GZFAO | Updated:2022-05-26

Policy for the reduction and exemption of funeral costs.

For non-Guangzhou household registration holders who pass away in Guangzhou administrative jurisdiction after September 28, 2016 and whose remains are cremated in the funeral service organizations in the jurisdiction, their family member or assignee can apply for reduction or exemption of the following six basic service fees, up to a maximum reduction of RMB 1,330.

(1) Reduction of the cost of receiving and transporting the remains up to RMB 180 per body.

(2) Reduction of the cost of remains disinfection up to RMB 100 per body.

(3) Reduction of the cost of refrigeration and embalming (not more than 3 days) up to RMB 300 per body.

(4) Reduction of the rental fee of the body farewell hall up to RMB 400 per body.

(5) Reduction of the cost of cremation of up to RMB 250 per body.

(6) Reduction of the cost of the regular ashes cup up to RMB 100 each.

Procedure and documents needed:

The funeral assignee can directly handle the fee reduction and exemption procedure in the funeral service organization by producing the following documents:

(1) The Application Form for the Reduction and Exemption of Basic Funeral Service Fees (provided by the funeral parlor);

(2) The Medical Certificate of (Inferred) Death of Residents issued by the public security authority or medical institution;

(3) The ID Card of the funeral assignee.

The funeral service organization will verify the above materials provided by the funeral assignee (photocopies of materials are kept for record except the application form) and give reduction/exemption of fees accordingly.

All five funeral homes in Guangzhou can handle the transportation and cremation of remains of foreign nationals. One may inform his request for the transportation of remains by calling "12349" or the funeral home's telephone number or by logging in to Suihaoban app. 

When the body has arrived at the funeral home, go to the funeral home to handle relevant procedures. Remains or ashes of foreign nationals that need to be shipped abroad will be handled by the International Corpse Transportation Network Service Center of China Funeral Association and its commissioned institutions. 

The international corpse transportation service station of Guangzhou is in Guangzhou Funeral Home. Service number: 87087506.

Contact information of Guangzhou funeral management service organizations:

(1) Policy inquiry:

Guangzhou Funeral Management Office

Address: 394 Yanling Lu, Tianhe District

Tel: 87053456

(2) Business service (to report death):

Guangzhou Funeral Home

Address: 418 Yanling Lu, Tianhe District

Tel: 87744444

Huadu District Funeral Home

Address: 164 Nongxin Lu, Xinhua Jie, Huadu District

Tel: 86863490

Panyu District Funeral Home

Address: Pingshan 2 Cun, Shibi Jie, Panyu District

Tel: 84774444

Conghua District Funeral Home

Address: Xialuo Cun, Jiangpu Jie, Conghua District

Tel: 87980145

Zengcheng District Funeral Home

Address: 19 Gongye Lu, Zengjiang Jie, Zengcheng District

Tel: 82742322

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