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Foreigners help peers navigate China

By Li Wenfang in Guangzhou | | Updated:2020-07-17


Mubua Mununu Jeremie Dada, right, serves as a volunteer at the community service station for foreigners on Dengfeng subdistrict in Guangzhou's Yuexiu district. [Photo by Li Wenfang/]

Mubua Mununu Jeremie Dada has been helping foreigners with residence registration and learning the Chinese language as a volunteer in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.

Coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo as a medical school graduate to study traditional Chinese medicine eight years ago, Mubua has served as a volunteer translator for a police station in Guangzhou.

"Some friends came from our country, and the police station called me for help with French translation. I have been doing it for six years, sometimes three to four times a week, and I'm still doing it," Mubua said in Chinese.

"I help them with residence registration. They may have something to tell the police or something they don't understand. Sometimes I go to the entry and exit administration office with them to help deal with visa issues."

Mubua has also been working as a volunteer three times a week at the community service station for foreigners of Dengfeng subdistrict in Yuexiu district to help with residence registration and Chinese language.

"Sometimes I receive 50 to 60 foreigners a week for residence registration. I learned medicine and I love to help people," he said.

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