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African doctor enjoys fulfilling life in Guangzhou | Updated:2020-06-10

J. Christian Nzengue, an African surgeon working at Clifford Hospital in Guangzhou's Panyu district, says he regards China as his second home after living here for 30 years.

Nzengue first came to Beijing from the Gabonese Republic in Africa in 1990 to study Chinese under the influence of his brother, who is a martial arts performer. 

Fond of Chinese martial arts and local delicacies, Nzengue has married a Chinese woman and is now able to speak French, English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

"I always visit my wife's family with her during traditional holidays, such as the Spring Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival, as well as visit my teachers in China. I feel my life in China is very happy and fulfilling," said Nzengue.

Nzengue has been in Guangzhou since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), witnessing the city's efforts in fighting the pandemic.

"The local government has attached great importance to the health of every single person, regardless of race and nationality. Everyone in the community has joint hands in the fight," said Nzengue.

"The community has offered a safe environment and I feel like I have to pay that back," added Nzengue. In April, he went to the Clifford School in Panyu as a health instructor to explain COVID-19 epidemic prevention information.

He highly praised China's measures for COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control, noting that China's experience has offered a great reference for his native country during its fight against the pandemic.


J. Christian Nzengue is the only foreign doctor working at Clifford Hospital in Guangzhou's Panyu district. [Photo by Li Bo/Guangzhou Daily]

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