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Guangzhou Command Center for COVID-19 Control and Prevention Notification on Normalized COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures (No 9)

GZFAO | Updated:2020-05-19

The COVID-19 outbreak in Guangzhou has been contained and stabilized. We're entering into a phase of normalized prevention and control. However, due to the fact that it has evolved into a global pandemic, the risk of imported cases and resurgence in domestic cases persists. We must build awareness for risk control and prevention. We need to be prepared for prolonged implementation of prevention and control measures. In order to facilitate the implementation of normalized COVID-19 prevention and control measures and promote the full recovery of the socioeconomic order, we hereby inform you on the following matters:

I. Follow science for individual prevention measures. Residents should build up personal awareness about COVID-19 prevention. The following practices are encouraged: wash hands frequently, work out on a regular basis, make use of public chopsticks, cook your food thoroughly, avoid contact with and consuming wild animals, cover your mouth and nose when you're coughing or sneezing, keep your rooms well ventilated, keep a social distance of at least 1 meter and minimize unnecessary group activities. You should carry masks with you at all times. 

Make sure you wear masks in crowded confined spaces. You should also wear masks when you are unable to keep a distance of at least 1 meter from others. Staff working at medical facilities; sales employees, security guards, and cleaners working at public spaces with no open window; drivers, staff working aboard public transport, staff working at transport hubs; police; and out-patients seeking medical treatment at medical facilities are required to wear masks. If you have developed symptoms, such as a fever, you should wear a mask and visit the fever clinic of a recognized hospital. You are required to report your travel history in the past 14 days to the doctor in a truthful manner. You are also required to report your contact history with suspected patients showing symptoms, such as a fever and coughing. You should inform your doctor if you have come into contact with people from the worst hit areas or overseas.

II. Create a clean environment. Cleaning should be done properly both at home and at other places, which requires joint efforts from both the public and relevant entities. Quarters and corners which are usually taken for granted in daily cleaning routines should be thoroughly cleaned. Ensure good hygiene both at home and other public places. Public places, public facilities, public transport, stairs, and elevators at residential buildings and confined places should be ventilated and disinfected appropriately. 

III. Cooperate with relevant authority for health service administration. People should truthfully declare their health information and request a Suikang Code or Yuekang Code on the day of arriving in Guangzhou. Based on the needs of COVID-19 prevention and control, each district and relevant authority of Guangzhou can take on measures, such as measuring body temperature and checking health codes. Everyone in Guangzhou should be cooperative to support the implementation of such measures. Whenever a case is detected, district and relevant municipal authorities can identify key areas and key groups of people for strengthened implementation of COVID-19 prevention and control measures. Places and people affected should follow regulations and rules for health service administration measures, such as epidemiological investigations, PCR tests, and quarantine.

IV. Vigorously guard against imported cases. Prevention and control measures on imported cases will continue to be in place. Anyone entering China via ports located in Guangzhou from overseas (including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and transit passengers) will be treated equally. All will be quarantined in Guangzhou and undergo a 14-day medical observation period regardless of their final destination. They will all receive PCR tests free of charge. However, the cost of accommodation and food for quarantine facilities will be borne by themselves. Entrants eligible for home isolation will undergo quarantine at home in accordance with relevant regulations.

V. Improve community administration measures. Based on the actual circumstances of COVID-19 prevention and control, each district shall identify communities which still need to employ the use of health codes for access control. Said communities should keep a record of visitors. Closed management measures can be lifted at other communities and normal administration practices can be resumed. Building upon the implementation of prevention and control measures, service facilities, service centers, public living spaces, and other public places can be fully opened. 

Communities with confirmed COVID-19 cases should strictly follow relevant procedure to screen and quarantine close contacts. Places where the confirmed patient has been to should be thoroughly disinfected. If necessary, group activities should be limited and closed management measures should be introduced.

VI. Steadily resume the order of work and life. Provided that COVID-19 prevention and control measures are properly implemented, places like shopping malls, office buildings, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, and wet markets will be fully reopened. Through the introduction of measures like reservations and limiting the number of entrants, parks, tourist attractions, sports facilities, cinemas and theaters, as well as indoor facilities like libraries, museums, and galleries will be opened. Conferences and exhibitions can be hosted if necessary. Following the technical guidance and notification released by relevant authority of Guangzhou, under the precondition that prevention and control measures are fully in place, entertainment facilities located in confined spaces can be opened on a step-by-step basis.

VII. Schools shall be fully opened on a step-by-step basis. High schools, middle schools, primary schools, higher education institutions, and occupational schools shall be reopened in an orderly manner. Students shall return to schools on a staggered schedule. All teachers and staff members must receive PCR tests before returning to work. Teachers, staff members, and students identified as key affected groups should undergo a 14-day medical observation period either at quarantine facilities or at home. They must also have tested negative for COVID-19 and they have to obtain approval from schools before they can return to school. 

Schools should take the lead in implementing prevention and control measures. Schools must keep track of the health status of teachers, staff, and students every day. Schools should also get hold of information on teachers, staff members, and students’ travel history in the 14 days before they return to school. Schools should closely monitor the health of both staff and students. Standardized procedures must be implemented in handling students who have developed symptoms such as a fever. Common communicable disease must be identified and treated in time. Ensure good hygiene for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Places where students and teachers gather, as well as public places should be properly ventilated, cleaned, and disinfected. Food safety administration measures should also be thoroughly implemented. 

VIII. Enterprises and public organizations should properly implement day-to-day prevention and control measures. Enterprises and employers should take the lead in improving day-to-day prevention and control measures. Public spaces should be ventilated, cleaned, and disinfected. Emergency response plans must be improved. Standard procedure for employee health declaration and body temperature measurement should be set up. Anyone entering or exiting the property must be registered. The frequency and size of meetings must be controlled. Video and telephone conferences are encouraged. Staff should work in different zones and have meals on a staggered schedule. Group activities should be minimized.

This notification is effective on the day of its release. The expiration date of this notification will be announced at a later stage. If there are any inconsistencies between this notification and previously released notifications, this one shall prevail.

Guangzhou Command Center for COVID-19 Control and Prevention

May 16, 2020

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