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Guidelines for getting a ride sharing vehicle in Guangzhou

GZFAO | Updated:2020-05-06

There are around 80,000 ride sharing vehicles running on the streets in Guangzhou, delivering convenient, fast, and comfortable services to residents and visitors. Here are some guidelines on how to use the apps of the two major ride sharing platforms:

I. DiDi

1. Scan the QR code to download the app, or search DiDi in the App Store or other application stores and download.


2. Register with your mobile number, Alipay account or WeChat account, and log in.



3. Enter your pick-up address and destination in the "Express" page.  


4. Tap the "Request an express car" button and wait for the driver to accept the order and pick you up. 


5. After arrival, you can choose online payment (WeChat Payment/AliPay) or Cash/Scan to pay.


6. If you need assistance from the service center, please tap on the upper left hand corner to open the menu and select Customer Service.


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