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Notification on further strengthening COVID-19 prevention and control work, Guangzhou command center for COVID-19 control and prevention (No.7) | Updated:2020-03-23

Currently, we're seeing outbreaks of novel coronavirus pneumonia, which was named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization (WHO), in many countries around the world.

The WHO announced that COVID-19 had become a global pandemic. In order to practically safeguard the safety and health of the public, and in accordance with the requirements rolled out by the Guangdong Provincial Command Center for COVID-19 Control and Prevention, we have decided to strengthen the health service and health management for people returning to Guangzhou from abroad. We hereby announce the following notifications:

I. If you have returned to Guangzhou after midnight on March 8, 2020 from overseas areas (excluding Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) via Guangzhou Port or if you had travelled to another country 14 days before you arrived in Guangzhou after midnight on March 8, 2020 and had entered China via ports in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan or ports outside of Guangzhou, you are required to undergo quarantine and medical observation upon arrival either at home or at quarantine facilities regardless of your nationality. Workers from residential communities will provide health monitoring service to you. Anyone who has yet to be enrolled in a quarantine program will be quarantined at home or at quarantine facilities.

II. The quarantine period begins on the date of your arrival in Guangzhou. During the quarantine period, you are not allowed to go out. Medical observation can be lifted 14 days after your arrival provided that you are not showing any symptoms and have tested negative in the second nucleic test. The cost of accommodation and food at quarantine facilities shall be covered by youselves. If you have violated home isolation regulations, you shall be transferred to quarantine facilities for medical observation and you will be held accountable for such violations.

III. By March 23, the aforementioned returnees must report their health conditions to the health service and management staff of their residential communities; or contact the designated health care institutions of the district (list is attached at the end of the notification); or call the Guangzhou public health hot lines at 12320. Foreign nationals can call 960169 (Guangzhou Multilingual Services Platform) for translation services in English, Korean and Japanese. If you have not taken nucleic test after you entered into China, you're required to take SARS-CoV-2 nucleic test and anti-body test free of charge.

IV. We urge the aforementioned returnees to follow the rules of community health service and management. Those who hide their travel history or try to break quarantine, those who refuse to work with community health service and management staff, those who fail to apply for and those who refuse to take a SARS-CoV-2 nucleic test or anti-body test will be listed in the public credit information system and penalized for their behavior. They will also be held legally accountable.

Guangzhou Command Center for COVID-19 Control and Prevention

March 22, 2020

List of designated hospitals in different districts of Guangzhou:


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