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How does GZ prevent and control the epidemic caused by COVID-19

UCLG ASPAC | Updated:2020-02-27

Since the beginning of 2020, China has been suffering from the invisible battle against COVID-19 (coronavirus disease, hereinafter referred to as "novel coronavirus").

Instead of gathering with relatives and friends to celebrate the festive Chinese New Year, the 1.4 billion Chinese stay at home and avoid gatherings so as to prevent spread of the novel coronavirus until the epidemic situation is all-clear. The epicenter of the outbreak, is located in Wuhan City, central China's Hubei Province, a hub for people and vehicles traveling across China.

Located more than one thousand kilometers away from Wuhan, Guangzhou City is a metropolis with more than 150 million permanent residents and has become a major destination of numerous migrants and foreigners. Guangzhou city has taken multifaceted actions to prevent and control the epidemic caused by COVID-19.

Curbing the spread of novel coronavirus, Guangzhou's practices come from prior experience, cautious and innovative approaches. With abundant experience in fighting the SARS virus, Guangzhou-based medical system boasts pioneering courage, professional acuity and expertise in the battle. Under people-oriented principle, Guangzhou authority takes both defensive and offensive measures in beating the novel coronavirus based on the scientific judgments by medical professionals, leaving no one behind in screening, receiving and treating each case. Guangzhou-based medical companies also manifest their social responsibilities and production strengths in the fight.

Guangzhou's medical professionals, the authority and medical companies, constitute a scientific, pragmatic and confident triangle in fighting against COVID-19, safeguarding the health of its people. The city’s resolutions and actions to contain the novel coronavirus showcases its outstanding urban competitiveness in dealing with emergent public health event.

The epidemic situation in China is not yet clear. Challenges still exist. Yet hope is the last thing we are to kill. We believe China will win the battle and Guangzhou's good practices will play their role.

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