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More passenger liners connect Nansha with HK

( : 2019-06-05

Passengers commuting between Guangzhou's Nansha district and the city of Hong Kong will feel more convenient as Nansha Passenger Port increased its total number of shuttle liners between Nansha and Hong Kong to 18 on June 1.    

The liners shuttling between Nansha and Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal will be increased from eight trips to 12 daily, with the earliest departing from Nansha at 09:00 and the latest at 18:15. The returning ships leave from the Hong Kong terminal from 08:30 to 18:40.

The number of ships shuttling between Nansha and Hong Kong Airport Ferry Terminal was increased to six daily.


A ferry docks at Nansha Passenger Port. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

The adjustment was made fully considering the needs of business travel, tourism, and leisure in the two places. It is expected to greatly facilitate travels in Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

To offer better services, the Nansha border inspection, customs, maritime affairs and other departments have taken effective measures to improve customs clearance efficiency, the customs clearance environment, and optimize regulatory measures. A total of 11 self-service channels have been set up at Nansha Passenger Port to speed up the process of border inspection and checks to within eight seconds.


Passengers get off the ferry. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

In addition, Nansha Passenger Port will also set up special passenger pick-up sites in Guangzhou's downtown and Panyu district to offer more convenience for passengers who seek to travel to Hong Kong from Nansha by ship.


A staff member shows a passenger how to use the self-service customs clearance machine. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]


The schedules of ferries shuttling between Guangzhou and Hong Kong. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]