Asian Cuisine Festival to kick off in May

( : 2019-04-22

With a variety of delicacies, cultural performances and forums to serve, the Asian Cuisine Festival is slated to be hosted in Guangzhou from May 16 to 23. 

On April 21, a special ceremony was held at the Guangzhou Daily Group Culture Center unveiling the logo and the mascot for the upcoming international gourmet event. 


A ceremony is held in Guangzhou on April 21 to release the logo and mascot of Asian Cuisine Festival. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

Designed by Cao Xue, dean of School of Design and Visual Arts of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, the logo is under the theme of "Sharing Asian Food Culture and Promoting Exchanges and Mutual Recognition". It is designed to showcase scenes of international guests gathering in Guangzhou and enjoying the Asian cuisines, and highlight exchanges and mutual understanding between different food cultures in Asia.


The logo designer introduces his work. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

The mascot Yamei, work by Associate Professor Liu Pingyun from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, features elements of Guangzhou's city flower kapok blossoms and Cantonese steamed custard buns . 

Since March 4, the Guangzhou Asian Cuisine Festival Executive Committee has been calling on the public to contribute logo designs for the event and in just a few weeks, more than 200 works were received.  


Yamei, the mascot of Asian Cuisine Festival due to be hosted in Guangzhou from May 16 to 23. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]