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Volunteer's song for Fortune Global Forum released | Updated:2017-11-13

The volunteer's song for the 2017 Fortune Global Forum, which is due to be hosted from Dec 6 to 8 in Guangzhou, was officially unveiled on Nov 12.

The song features lively rhythm and lyrics reflecting the volunteers' positive spiritual outlook.

According to Sun Zhu, chief coordinator for the volunteer team of Fortune Global Forum 2017, the song aims to spread the volunteers' spirit of collaboration and devotion.

"The spirit of the volunteers is to some extent the same as that of the forum, which is channeling the group's effort to make the world a better place," he added.

The lyrics and music of the song was composed by the renowned lyricist Zhong Shan and composer Wang Xiaosong respectively. The official promotion version of the song was sung by famous singers Wang Chenrui and Wang Sulong.

Apart from the launch of the song, special training in terms of basic knowledge for volunteering, service etiquette, safety control and first aid was also held later on the day. 


Volunteer's song for Fortune Global Forum 2017 is launched on Nov 12 in Guangzhou. [Photo/] 


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