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Guangzhou Development District launches talent and IP-focused policies | Updated:2017-10-24

Guangzhou Development District launched 10 preferential policies for talents and 10 policies concerning intellectual property rights in May 2017.

The talent policies include incentives to attract global talents and support for high-end projects.

Innovative startup teams newly included into the province's Zhujiang Talent Plan can now receive a fund of a maximum of 80 million yuan ($12 million). And a maximum of 1 billion yuan will be given to some especially significant talent projects, the strongest support to talents in the country.

Meanwhile, fresh graduates in Guangzhou will be eligible to apply for a housing allowance as of this year. And those who move their hukou (household registration) to Guangzhou will receive a one-time housing allowance of 20,000 yuan.

"The policies show stronger support for talents than other developed regions in the country and are linked to previous policies with no repetition," said Chen Yongpin, director of policy research office at Guangzhou Development District.

Chen added that the policies reflect the determination of Guangzhou, an international scientific and technological innovation pivot, to bring together global talents.

The intellectual property policies are the only of its kind launched in the country for application and protection reform, incorporating seven provisions that cover the entire chain in the process of knowledge application.

Currently, the district ranks highest among Chinese cities and districts in incentives for inventions, patents, and intellectual property projects.

Guangzhou's support for intellectual property protection lawsuits is the strongest in China. Manufacturing enterprises and research institutes in the district that win intellectual property protection lawsuits will get a subsidy of 30 percent of their legal fees, with each enterprise able to claim a maximum of 5 million yuan per year.

Chen also noted that the IP-focused policies will strongly encourage intellectual property application and protection and serve as a pioneer in exploring intellectual property reform in the city, the province, and even the country.


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