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Online tailoring becomes cutting edge clothing trend | Updated:2017-10-23

Tailor-made clothes has become quite a trend for Chinese clothing enterprises in the internet era, according to He Guanbin, CEO of Iwode Trendy Tailor, China's largest clothing customization brand.

Tailor-made clothing enables customers to be their own designers injecting characteristic elements into what they wear and enables tailoring to take place upon receiving the order instead of carrying massive inventories, He added.

He Guanbin returned from studying in the UK in 2004 where he saw the custom-made suits in London's Savile Row. This gave him the idea to create China's biggest custom-clothing website.


Suits are displayed in the store of Iwode Trendy Tailor, China's largest clothing customization brand. [Photo/]

Established in 2007, Iwode Trendy Tailor now has more than 200 stores in 30 Chinese cities. The company focuses on intelligent bases, products and logistics in the era of information, meaning all the production processes are connected with online orders, data and its own supply chain, said Dong Shengli, a staff member in charge of intelligent research and development center of the Iwode Trendy Tailor.

The company also has developed the Easy Tailor app so that customers can order their clothing on the go and share their creations with other users.

Iwode Trendy Tailor won the Guangdong Award for Most Valuable Enterprise in 2011, handed out by the Guangdong Council for the Development Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises. It has also received financing from International Data Group, a top investment company in the US.


Iwode Trendy Tailor has more than 200 stores across 30 cities in China. [Photo/]


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