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Doctor QLK to become medical 'Alibaba', says founder | Updated:2017-10-23

Guangzhou Doctor QLK is aiming to become the "Alibaba" of online medicine, according to the company's founder and chairman Shi Zhenyang.

Founded in 2010, Guangzhou Doctor QLK is one of China's first enterprises to receive national approval for the sale and distribution of medicine online. Its businesses include medicine e-commerce, online doctor consultations, drug stores and logistics.

Shi said the company is in the process of developing a comprehensive health platform including drug stores, doctor and patient networks, insurance and physical examination – all provided via the mobile app "Dabai Medicine" released in 2015.

"We have qualifications, hospitals and supporting facilities which allow doctors to join in us easily," Shi said. "We are a platform like Alibaba and our doctors are like merchants."

Realizing the importance of doctors as a resource, the enterprise expanded its team in charge of medical business and currently hosts more than 1,000 medical experts.

The company has even set up an internet hospital with the help of the government of Liwan district and the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University.


Guangzhou Doctor QLK launches the Liwan QLK Internet Hospital. [Photo provided to]

Via WeChat or using the mobile app, patients can see doctor and get diagnosis through an online system and stick with that doctor through the course of their treatment. The doctor can also make a digital prescription on the app with which the patient can buy medicine at physical or online drug stores.

Doctor QLK is hoping to cooperate with Health 100 – a physical examination organization, allowing doctors to book physical examinations online.

According to official data, Doctor QLK now has a medical database which includes the detailed information of more than 30,000 kinds of medicine. It plans to cooperate with pharmaceutical companies to integrate the data of medicine supply, distribution and application and to provide big data services for doctors, medical groups and hospitals. 


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