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Guangzhou AI rolled out across China airports | Updated:2017-10-20

Frequent air travellers may have noticed the facial recognition technology that is being rolled out across China's airports recently, and that technology has probably been produced by Guangzhou's very own Cloudwalk Technology.

Founded in 2015 in Nansha district, the company has applied its facial recognition software in more than 50 airport hubs and 70 banks across China. Thanks to the boom in artificial intelligence (AI), the company's turnover reached 100 million yuan ($15 million) in 2016.


A staff member of Qingdao Liuting International Airport uses a facial recognition system developed by Guangzhou Cloudwalk Technology to check an outbound traveller. [Photo/] 

Now Cloudwalk is visualizing a bigger picture to develop the industrial chain in the AI field by founding an AI global headquarters and a visual image innovation R&D center in Nansha district.

According to Zhou Xi, founder of Cloudwalk, computer vision must be combined with related industries to deliver better social benefits. In the future, his company will be committed to setting up technology support platforms, AI incubators, introducing high-end talent groups, establishing industrial investment fund and even founding an AI college.


A citizen tries out the facial recognition system developed by Guangzhou Cloudwalk Technology in a bank to experience its "pay-with-your-face" technology. [Photo/] 

Early in April, Guangzhou put forward the IAB initiative to develop industries including next generation information technology, artificial intelligence and biological medicine.

Nansha district has been pushing ahead with the initiative and as of now, have more than 60 high-tech companies, which is just a small step for the district's ambitious goal for developing AI industry.

Nansha is formulating a thorough strategy to foster the industry and achieve a cluster with a 100-billion yuan scale and become an "AI plus Smart City".


Facial recognition technology greatly reduces the time needed for check-in and boarding. [Photo/] 


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