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Security robot keeps everything in check at tech expo | Updated:2017-10-20

The 19th China International Optoelectronic Exposition, or 2017 CIOE, opened on Sept 6 in Shenzhen, with 1,600 optoelectronic enterprises from over 30 countries showcasing their latest technologies and products.

During the expo, the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences showcased a dozen technology projects at Exhibition Hall Four including one called Dream One Robot developed by Guangzhou-based company Dream One Technology and the institute.


Visitors pose for a photo with Dream One robot at the 2017 CIOE. [Photo/] 

The security robot features four high-definition cameras and can monitor 360 degrees. It can issue an alert when sensing emergencies, carry out patrols, recognize human faces, analyze and answer human speech, monitor the environment and guard against theft. It also has a fast charge capability which allows the robot to require only a 45-minute charge for a six to eight hour battery life.

At the expo, Dream One was tasked with security patrol, receiving great acclaim from both visitors and buyers and was featured in a broadcast on CCTV 2.

According to a spokesperson of Dream One Technology, the smart robot can be used in many places including exhibition venues, customs halls, airports, railway stations and shopping malls. 


A visitor poses for a photo with Dream One at the 2017 CIOE. [Photo/]


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