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Guangzhou to develop into an international tourism destination | Updated:2017-07-06

South China's city of Guangzhou is celebrating a tourism boom across the entire city, with the latest report focusing on its tourism development released by Guangzhou government.

According to the new development strategy, Guangzhou will optimize its tourism resources and expand its tourism space, shifting from a traditional scenario dominated by scenic spots to making the entire city more attractive.

The entire city will be divided into three parts, each with its own distinctive features. The northern part will highlight ecotourism, the middle part will highlight urban tourism and the southern part will highlight coastal tourism.

Guangzhou is expected to develop into an international tourism destination, said the report.

To attract more overseas tourists, Guangzhou will adopt 144-hour visa-free entry policy instead of the current 72-hour.


A cruise berths at the Nansha International Cruise Home Port, Guangzhou, expected to open in 2019. [Photo/Huang Weijun/]

Moreover, international tourist groups who take a cruise and board on the Nansha port are expected to have an access to touring the city for 15 days without a visa.

By 2020, Guangzhou is expected to receive 250 million visitors, while its tourism revenue is expected to surpass 500 billion yuan ($73.56 billion), accounting for eight percent of its total GDP.

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