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Young people strengthen Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao ties

( : 2017-06-21

Some 100 young people from Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions (SARs) crossed the Pearl River to Guangzhou to stage a performance at the Archaeological Site of the Palace of Nanyue Kingdom on June 17.

Sponsored by the Guangzhou municipal bureau of culture, radio, TV, film, press and publication and the Guangzhou Broadcasting Network, the exchange event created a platform for young people from the three cities to display their talent and local culture via art performance, face-to-face discussion. 

Guangzhou has a long history of about 2,200 years, and is a political, commercial and cultural center in South China. The three cities share many similarities in geography, history and culture.


Girls from Hong Kong and Macao perform in Guangzhou, promoting cultural exchanges with their counterparts in Gunagdong province capital on June 17. [Photo by Xia Shiyan/]

The Archaeological Site of the Palace of Nanyue Kingdom is renowned for its rare assemblage of funerary artifacts representing the diffusion of cultures throughout the Lingnan region. It is a vast repository of Lingnan and Cantonese culture.

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